About Apex Giant


The sole purpose of Apex Giant is to design and manufacture quality, American-made Aluminum & Titanium outdoor recreational products. We placed a strong focus on items used by those with active outdoor lifestyles such as hiking, backpacking, camping and more.

Ben McMillen 
Co-owner & Product designer

Travis Duncan
Co-owner & Business manager



Apex Giant, which sells a wide variety of active lifestyle products revolving around camping, backpacking, hiking and everyday carry items, is owned and managed by Ben McMillen and Travis Duncan.

Those products, which are made of metal and special polymers, include hiking stoves, ultralight grills, portable coffee items, backpacking hardware and minimalist wallets. All manufactured right here in the USA.

The business partnership of Ben and Travis is not a new one. They have been working together for quite some time on various business ventures over the last several years. Ben also owns Hilltop Packs LLC and McMillen Photography, the latter of which Travis has worked for years as a business consultant.

Apex Giant currently shares office space with Hilltop Packs, which is located at 1006 E. Greene Street in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. Hilltop Packs creates and sells fabric-based products that fills many backpacking and hiking needs, such as dry bags, stuff sacks, fanny bags and backpacks.