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Apex Giant

Apex Giant Micro Stove

Apex Giant Micro Stove

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We wanted a faster more stable stove. Solid construction for many years of use. A more direct and focused flame contact (less fannying out) perfect for today's titanium cook pots. No wasted flame on the side on your pot.

In our testing we were able to use less fuel and still boil up to 15% faster than other stoves in its class.

Size Expanded
About 3" wide
About 2.5" tall

Size Folded
About 1.25 wide
About 2" tall

1.6 Ounces
46 Grams

Made of Aluminum & Copper

Where it's made
Made in China for Apex Giant. If you know of a US manufacture willing to produce this item for us please let us know. We prefer US suppliers when we can.

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