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Apex Giant

Bear bag toggle (PCT Method food bag hang) (Apex Giant)

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The PCT bear hang method was made popular on the PCT. Hikers use a rod or stick to keep their food bag securely in the air. Acts as a stop against your carabineer when tied correctly.

Made in the USA by APEX GIANT

  • Small 2.5: - 0.13 oz in weight
  • Large 3.5" - 0.17 oz in weight
  • Made of high strength aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Shown with optional cord loop

Which is size best?
If you use a micro carabiner (like ours) you can get away with using the small. For all other carabiners get the large.

Don't want to tie a fancy knot? Grab our "Dogbone" Bear Toggle here

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